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Firmly Rooted In Academia

February 19, 2021

One of the reasons we have chosen MatsonMoney as a primary, core investment manager for most of our clients (when appropriate to their circumstances) is their firm foundation  and relationships with academia and leading academics in the field of financial economics and investing. An illustration of this foundation is their “academic advisory board.” I thought it would be useful for our clients and those considering utilizing our services to know a little bit about some of the academic individuals we continually engage with on an ongoing basis.

Each of them is exceptional in their field and brings a new dimension of expertise to Matson’s organization. Their areas of study and skill address many different aspects of what it means to be an investor and how to leverage the power of free markets. 

Members of their Academic Advisory Board provide an internal structure for researching and validating academic theories as they apply to investing. They make frequent appearances at Matson Money coaching educational events. This gives our clients a direct connection to some of the most well-respected and published experts in the fields of economics, investing and statistics. (Academic Advisory Board members receive compensation from Matson Money for their services).

Here is a listing of the advisory board members and a brief biographical sketch for each.


Founder and Head of Research and Development at Vanto Group
Co-Author of the National Bestseller, “The Three Laws of Performance”


1990 The Nobel Prize in Economics, Modern Portfolio Theory
1989 Von Neumann Award, Operations Research Society of America
Principal, Harry Markowitz Company
Adjunct professor, Rady School of Management, UCSD
Ph.D., Economics, University of Chicago
M.A., Economics, University of Chicago
Ph.B., Liberal Arts, University of Chicago


Member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board (both terms), 1981-1989
Founder and Chairman of Laffer Associates
Bachelors of Economics, Yale University
MBA, Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University

Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Frequently referred to as “The Father of Supply-Side Economics,” Dr. Laffer helps navigate the complexities of the economy, interest rates, and tax efficiency as it applies to portfolio construction.


Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance Haas School of Business, University of California
Bachelors of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Masters of Finance, UC Berkeley
Ph.D., Finance, UC Berkeley

Terrance Odean is a leader in the field of behavioral finance, boasting extensive research in the area of investor behavior, investor biases and habits. His research reveals how behavior can destroy investor performance and the ability to create wealth.


Bachelors of Mathematics and Education, Bucknell University
Masters of Mathematics, Bucknell University
Ph.D., Statistics, Virginia Tech

As an expert in the field of statistics, Dr. Ott lends his expertise to Matson Money and investors by actively analyzing and providing third-party validation for the economic and financial research upon which our portfolios are constructed.


Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance, Santa Clara University,
Leavy School of Business
Ph.D., Columbia University
B.A. and M.B.A., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Investor behavior and decision making is a key component to reaching long-term investing goals.

His work attempts to understand how investors and managers make financial decisions and how these decisions are reflected in financial markets.

A copy of MatsonMoney's SEC filed form ADV is available upon request.