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Everyone knows that there is a "secret" to successful real estate investing known as "location, location, location."

Similarly, we believe that the secret to overall, long-term investing success is "COACHING, COACHING, COACHING!"

Just as those at the top of their fields retain coaches to enable them to reach peak performance, so must investors. Our coaching approach provides a firm foundation of belief in free markets, global asset class diversification, continuing investor education and discipline - which we endeavor to accomplish with a minimum of stress.

We have a very simple philosophy of investing - although it is grounded in over sixty years of independent academic research (including Nobel Prize winning research):

  • "Free Markets" work.
  • Passively accepting the returns that the global capital markets provide is superior to attempting to "beat the market."
  • Globally diversifying portfolios among asset classes and exposing them to specific dimensions of expected return.
  • Applying the discipline of systematically rebalancing portfolios back to their target allocations.
  • Minimizing portfolio costs.

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Five Star Award candidates are evaluated against 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria such as client retention rates, client assets administered, firm review and a favorable regulatory and complaint history.