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Woodie Montgomery

Woodie Montgomery

Strategic Partner

After four decades in the financial industry I have a unique expertise in helping clients grow and protect their money.  I have had a securities license and insurance license.  I have helped plan and settled an estate. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I have found unique opportunities for building and keeping wealth that many advisers overlook. I have been in the trenches with attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, stock brokers and financial planners.  My clients will say that my view of financial planning is radically different for helping individuals and working with advisers.  Unlike sales people pushing products designed as “financial planning”, I have maintained my independence to best help clients with solutions, while sharing options that work best. 

Financial planning is not about buying products.  It's an ongoing process to make wise choices about your money that help you achieve your goals in life.

Important Note: Woodie Montgomery is not a registered representative of Triad Advisors, LLC